Takara Belmont Announces Release of the G90 Series Styling Chairs

In celebration of 90 years, Takara Belmont is introducing the G90 series salon chair. The G90 was developed with a philosophy of integrating science, technology and design – a philosophy that has positioned Takara Belmont as the leading salon and spa furniture provider throughout the years.

Vice President of Marketing and National Sales Manager, Larry Erikson, says, “The new G90 series is a perfect expression of the quality you can expect from a product made in Japan”.

The design of the G90 series chair was inspired by the traditional Japanese “Teri-Mukuri” – a rounded arch characterized by smooth lines of recessed [teri] and projected [mukuri] areas. These areas are integrated to create within the G90 series in order to create a sense of tenderness and security, with a modern approach inherent to the design of the chair.

The G90 Series was designed to be in-tune with not only the customer’s posture and form, but also the stylist’s need for free and open workspace around the chair. The perfect use of contoured cushions, combined with the spherical form of the chair, creates the ideal experience for the customer without sacrificing maneuverability for the stylist.

The G90 series styling chairs include the Cape, with an unusual, divided-chair back that tapers along the curvature of the body; the Cove, with a unique “tuck” design that creates a striking image from both front and back; and the Knoll, which offers the comfort of a sofa, even for customers of larger build. All chairs are available in Japanese vinyl or our traditional Grade 1, 2, and 3 vinyl, and can be ordered in a “two-tone” design.

Consult your local Takara Belmont representative for more information about the G90 Series Cape, Cove, and Knoll Styling Chairs.