Takara Belmont Announces Shampoo Unit Compliance with Los Angeles Plumbing Code

Takara Belmont is pleased to announce that our Sara, Bahama, Oregon, First Class and Shiatsu Shampoo Units have been found to comply with the Los Angeles Plumbing Code (LAPC).

This approval will allow owners to be able to pass city code and permits in Los Angeles County when opening a new salon containing one of these shampoo units. It will also help avoid delays brought about when having purchased units that do not meet the code, requiring new equipment to be ordered before the salon is allowed to open.

Takara Belmont strives to assist our customers every step of the way when opening a new salon. Great measures were taken to ensure that this compliance was achieved so that we could provide salon owners in Los Angeles County with several options for shampoo units that could be used in their salon. Taking this step places us ahead of many of our competitors, reinforcing our commitment to our clients.

For more information, please contact Sheila Bryan, Regional Sales Manager and Designer, Laguna Hills, CA Showroom.