Midori Salon

Numazi-city is home to one of the longest coastlines in Japan, warm maritime climates, bustling agriculture, and serves as a gateway to Mount Fuji and other major tourist attractions – but one attraction is not listed on the travel websites – Midori is a salon-spa which earns $10,000 USD per month in revenue.

Ms. Yoko Komiyama, 32-year old stylist extraordinaire, is a sole-owner and operator of Midori salon and spa. Focused on offering a variety of clients an oasis for rest and relaxation, Ms. Komiyama’s formula for success is simple: place clients first and remain modest. From reservation to relaxing services, clients are greeted by a soothing experience. The exterior of the salon leverages repurposed brick, geometric cut-out windows, natural wood ramps and dual-recessed lights to spotlight the entrance.

“I dreamt of owning and running a salon since I was a little girl,” said Yoko Komiyama, “and I was able to achieve my dream, all while putting a smile on the faces of my clients.”

Clean white tiles, large open panels and simple furniture deliver a clutter-free aesthetic. It’s accented by light hardwood floors, wood trim and exposed support beams to emphasize the natural beauty of the space. Ms. Komiyama provides clients with the full experience from an initial reservation to a relaxing service. Prominently displayed in the VIP relaxation room is a Yume Shampoo Unit, which allows clients to fully extend their bodies and surrender to the ambiance of a dimly lit room and soothing music. Clients are seated in the shampoo unit for a calming 30-45 minute head-spa service of shampooing bliss.

“The Yume Shampoo Unit is truly a comfortable product,” said Kazumasa Eguchi, Designer at Takara Belmont, “it’s a top-tier investment that offers a unique design aesthetic and the best in Takara Belmont quality and innovation.”

Both modest and successful, Ms. Komiyama humbly attributes her success to an unwavering customer-oriented belief in placing the customer first. Each service is custom tailored for each client. She offers an exceptional service combination of head spa and beauty services, which blends a unique skillset of head-spa shampoo techniques with her vast beauty service experience.

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