Design Portfolio

Megan Graham Beauty

Boston, MA

Owner: Megan Graham

Megan has been voted Best in Boston multiple times on and has a legion of loyal followers who love the way her beautiful work is multidimensional, yet creates minimal stress on the hair, many times improving the texture and shine of non-treated hair with enduring tone and brilliance in between appointments

Megan Graham Beauty Image

Frank's Barbershop

Knoxville, TN

Owner: Frank Gambuzza, Belinda Gambuzza, and Adam Brown

***2011 ABOUT.COM'S BEST AMERICAN BARBERSHOP WINNER*** _____________________________________________ ***2010 CUTTING EDGE DESIGN WINNER!*** _____________________________________________ TAKARA BELMONT PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Elegance Barber Chairs; Koken Custom Express Plus; Design by Takara Belmont with Frank Gambuzza, Belinda Gambuzza, Adam Brown

Frank's Barbershop Image

Sharon Dorram Color @ Sally Hershberger

New York, NY

Owner: Sharon Dorram and Sally Hershberger in New York City

***2010 CUTTING EDGE DESIGN WINNER!*** _____________________________________________ The new Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salon unites two of the hairstyling world's leading icons under a single European-style roof. The doors say French, and so do the dormers, but the salon actually lies tucked behind a vintage limestone townhouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side. The salon's stations are decidedly neutral, including white Prism styling chairs supplied by Takara Belmont. "We didn't want to detract from the surroundings" recalls Jason DeSantis, regional sales manager with the supplier. "We responded with something clean and simple and classic."

Sharon Dorram Color @ Sally Hershberger Image

David Michael Hair Studio

Paramus, NJ

Owner: David DeGraw

***RUNNER UP - NEW JERSEY MONTHLY'S BEST OF NEW JERSEY 2011!*** _________________________________________ TAKARA BELMONT PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Takara Belmont Design Services including electrical, plumbing, lighting and furniture; Liu Styling Chairs; Sara Shampoo Shuttles

David Michael Hair Studio Image

Prive Salon

Ambler, PA

Owner: Kathryn Picraux

***2010 CUTTING EDGE DESIGN WINNER!*** _____________________________________________ Takara Belmont's 2010 4th Quarter Cutting Edge Design winner is Prive Salon in Ambler, PA! Prive opened their doors just 10 weeks ago. The unique sense of privacy in the space is something customers and stylists love because everyone feels as if they're in their very own salon which helps build long-lasting, trusting relationships with each other. Featuring: Rollerball II; Sara Shampoo Units; Odin Styling Chairs; Millwork recommended by Takara Belmont. Services: Salon woodwork designed and sold by Takara Belmont, approved concepts by Jackie Patterson, Prive's interior designer. PRIVE WEBSITE:

Prive Salon Image