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YUME Headbath Operating Instructions 4:04

The YUME HEADBATH Operating Instructions provide detailed steps for using the Yume head bath for HEADSPA menu, including setup, treatment process, post-treatment steps, and maintenance.

Proud Professionalism 2 2:37

This is the second movie introducing Takara Belmont’s proud professionalism.

Proud Professionalism 1:08

Proud Professionalism video for Takara Belmont’s high quality products.

YUME Spa Experience 2:31

A remarkably relaxing sensory experience, the YUME Head Spa promotes healthy hair and scalp.

YUME Spa Service 0:39

Experience YUME SPA―shampoo treatment introduced by Takara Belmont, the world’s leader in manufacturer of salon furniture and equipment.

Legend Barber Chair 0:41

Legend Motorized Barber Chair by Takara Belmont.

Men’s Grooming 2:04

Discover the passion for craftsmanship and tireless pursuit of the Real Thing that has inspired a devoted following around the world.

Spa Mist II 5:48

Vibrant colors, lasting curls, and stronger wave length — the Spa Mist II enhances salon treatments by generating a fine mist of microscopic water particles.

Spa Mist II 7:13

International instructional video to demonstrate the Spa Mist II’s capabilities. Inspire your clients with heightened sensations of luxury in every backwash and treatment experience.

Roller Ball F 1:27

Roller Ball F Hair Processor by Takara Belmont.

Roller Ball F 1:56

International instructional video to demonstrate the Roller Ball F and ways to operate this multi-function processor.

The Mixer NYC 1:05

The Mixer NYC an exclusive barbering event with the barber industry’s top talent hosted by Takara Belmont.

Riche Chair 1:36

Riche eyelash service chair designed with the technician and customer in mind

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