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In this immersive training program, participants will dive deep into the essential elements of YUME Head Spa. You’ll gain hands-on experience, receive personalized guidance, and learn the secrets to creating a transformative and unforgettable head spa experience for your clients. Our expert instructor will guide you through a dynamic curriculum that covers everything from the principles of shiatsu and pressure points to equipment essentials and live demonstrations.

What You’ll Gain:

Expand Your Service Menus: Discover how to incorporate head spa treatments into your service offerings, attracting new clients and increasing customer loyalty.

Promote Retail Sales: Learn effective retail strategies to promote hair and scalp care products, enhancing your revenue streams.

Enhance Client Satisfaction: Master the art of consultation, client setup, and techniques to provide personalized and rejuvenating head spa experiences.

Develop Your Skills: Receive hands-on practice and guidance from experienced professionals, refining your techniques and ensuring exceptional service quality.

Plan for Growth and Success: Develop a roadmap for success, with insights on pricing, packaging, and strategies for long-term business growth.

How You’ll Learn:

The YUME Head Spa Training Class offers a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Through a combination of live demonstrations, in-depth discussions, hands-on practice sessions, and Q&A sessions, you’ll gain practical skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately in your salon. Our expert instructor will provide step-by-step guidance, sharing industry best practices and insider tips to help you excel in the art of head spa treatments.

Additional Info:

Fees: The cost of the class will vary depending on the class size and location. Once you have signed up for the class through our class registry, a local sales representative will promptly follow up with you to provide payment details and assist you with any inquiries you may have.
Locations: YUME Head Spa trainings are available in our U.S. showrooms or can be conducted at your own facility.
Class Type: You can choose to partake in a group training class or opt for a private training.

Meet Your Instructor:

Course Completion:

Following the successful completion of a rigorous training and education program by a master head spa educator in Japan, Karen Gordon is currently spearheading the development of a structured learning program and building a network of educators across the country.

At the end of the YUME Head Spa Training Class, participants will receive a certificate of completion, recognizing their dedication and expertise in the field of head spa treatments. This certificate serves as a testament to your commitment to excellence and can be proudly displayed in your salon, showcasing your knowledge of YUME Head Spa techniques.

Take the Next Step:

Enroll now and embark on a journey of growth, excellence, and mastery in the world of head spa treatments. Course completion and graduation will open doors to new possibilities and set you apart as a leader in the industry. Complete the below form to register for a training class.

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