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“Helping people fulfill their wish to stay beautiful and healthy by providing superior products and services is the Takara Belmont corporate goal.”

Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Takara Belmont Chairman & CEO

The pursuit of beauty and health is common to people of all countries, generations, and eras. And though we have been providing products and services in these fields for many years, thinking about the role we have been allowed to play with all of the many people in these industries continues to fill me with a sense of elation, as well as of the great responsibilities we shoulder.

The recent wave of digitalization and advancing globalism has brought with it unprecedented changes in corporate management and the way we live. And we expect society to increasingly look to our industry for answers to people’s growing needs in the beauty and health fields.

Valuing the customer is just as much a part of our ideals for the present and future as it was when we first got our start. Not only will we work to maximize the potential of the technologies and capabilities of the diverse human resources we have spent years developing, but we will also endeavor to improve upon them in the years to come. And we will continue to develop together with the industry by further creating value for customers with new products and enhanced services that appropriately respond to their needs.

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