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Warranty Policy

The manufacturer guarantees its equipment against defects in material or workmanship except for misuse, abuse, tampering, accident or mishandling from date of purchase by Dealer. The guarantee applies only to shop or salon originally purchasing from authorized Takara Belmont Dealer.

Claims should be made through the Takara Belmont Dealer from whom the equipment was purchased. The following warranty information is for items of our manufacture. We distribute other manufacturers’ products and their warranties would apply. Some exceptions may apply.

*Consumable items such as base rings, spray hoses, pedal covers are not warrantied.
**Belmaster BM-97S and BM-97A holds a 1 year warranty.

In a constantly changing economy, improvements are continually being made and we reserve the right to make changes, without liability, to match pieces of furniture or equipment previously purchased. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Many designs produced by Takara Belmont are protected by design registration and/or patents.

3 Year Warranty

– Micromist
– Spa mist
– Rollerball F
– Yume SH-YML, bowl 1 year
– Electric BBR Chair

No Warranty

For color fade, stain or change in appearance

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