Majolica Porto

Majolica Porto

Achieving unrivaled client comfort is within grasp with the Majolica Porto bowl. Each bowl features an ultra-wide basin, gel-filled neck rest, and a convenient hair trap system. With a uniquely satisfying neck rest system that’s seen only in Takara Belmont’s premium equipment line, this comfortable arrangement leads to better access to your client’s head while gently cradling their neck for lengthier services. Elevate the level of comfort in your space with the Majolica Porto shampoo bowl.

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Further elevating the offerings in the Majolica line, the Majolica Porto shampoo bowl brings about unrivaled comfort with an ultra-comfortable neck rest design that is only offered in Takara Belmont’s premium product line. With an ultra-wide basin, daily services are made more convenient with better access to the customer’s entire head. Additionally, the unique design of the neck-rest and bowl brings about a level of comfort that can accommodate more lengthier services and treatments.

Width: 25.2"
Height: 10.4"
Depth: 21.1"

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Weight 43 oz
Dimensions 21.1 × 25.2 × 10.4 in

Black, Brown, White, Red, Beige