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SOMERSET, NJ – In one of their most innovative product releases yet, Takara Belmont’s Legend Chair is ushering in a new wave of electronic barber chairs.

With a proud Men’s Grooming lineage on display, the Legend stands out at the most iconic chair on the market. While some barbershops cater to the vintage feel, the Legend considers the modern man, thrusting men’s grooming forward into a new direction with its cutting edge technology.

With extensive research and years of product development experience, it’s evident that The Legend has simply thought of everything when it comes to satisfying its customers. Boasting features like custom designed leather, a groundbreaking headrest, and a nearly fully horizontal recline, the Legend chair proves itself as a game-changer for both customers and barbers.

Customers can finally sit in luxury for the length of their appointment – regardless of how long it may be. The Legend’s full-flat leg system keeps their whole body relaxed. With their body pressure more evenly dispersed, they may not even realize their head is leaning against a shampoo bowl to start with.

Barbers and customers alike will enjoy the smooth action of the chair, as it seamlessly switches positions when turning or elevating thanks to its shock absorption technology. They can also take advantage of the add-on service tables, letting customers set their drink down and barbers conveniently rest their tools.

Barbers can also take advantage of the light-up preset options, which save the positioning of their preferred settings at the touch of a button. The auto recline feature allows the chair to return to it’s upright position in a snap as well. These features are accessible on both sides of the chair for convenience, and even light up so that they can be utilized even with a cape hanging over them. Its removable footplate also allows barbers to more easily cater to the handicapped and elderly, who can step into the chair with ease.

“Perhaps the greatest mark of this chair isn’t even on the chair itself.” Steve Hughes, Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager says “Because this chair is so comfortable, smooth, and stable, it actually expands a barber’s service menu. It’s such a revolutionary chair that one of it’s key features isn’t even on the physical chair itself, and that’s an exciting product for us to release.”

The Legend barber chair is available in two types: Standard and Full-flat. The Standard model is approximately 287 lbs. with seated dimensions measuring 36” H x 29” W x 41” D and an inner arm-to-arm width of 19 inches. Similarly, the Full-flat model is approximately 286 lbs. with dimensions measuring 36” H x 29” W x 42” D.

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