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Men’s Grooming

Takara Belmont Launches Legacy 100 Barber Chair, Celebrating 100 Years of Craftsmanship


SOMERSET, NJ – Takara Belmont, a leading manufacturer of salon and barbershop equipment, proudly announces the release of its latest milestone product, the Legacy 100 barber chair, commemorating the company’s centenary.

“The Legacy 100 is the ultimate expression of craftsmanship,” said Kohei Fujimoto, COO at Takara Belmont USA, Inc. “Built with hand-crafted quality production, the Legacy 100 is quickly emerging as a new modern classic.”

Meticulously crafted with a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge materials, the Legacy 100 is a modern classic that combines style, function, and comfort. The Legacy 100 boasts a rich metallic color palette that adds a modern touch to any space, exuding elegance in every detail. Its decadent textured leather upholstery, padded armrests, and classic flip-style footrest provide enhanced function, utility, and comfort for both barbers and clients.

The Legacy 100 barber chair is available in two premium options: Premium Vintage Dark Grey and Premium Vintage Red. The Premium Vintage Dark Grey features diamond-quilted stitching, a contrasting metallic body with a silver frame, and a color-coordinated base cover, making it a seamless fit for traditional or contemporary settings.

On the other hand, the Premium Vintage Red boasts plush black stripe stitching, a contrasting red metallic body with a silver frame, and a retro flare that creates an eye-catching piece in any interior space. Both chairs proudly display the original Takara logo, engraved on classic popular models, showcasing the brand’s commitment to tradition and genuine barbering heritage.

“Over a century of experience and expertise has enabled us to present new products that inspire the future of our industry while honoring our barbering heritage,” said Koji Orita, Executive Vice President of Takara Belmont USA, Inc. “We draw on decades of designs that have stood the test of time and evolve them into the modern age.”

“Meticulously crafted and stitched to an uncompromising standard of precision and quality, every client will notice a tangible elevation in comfort and appreciate the superior attention to excellence,” said Steve Hughes, National Sales Manager at Takara Belmont USA, Inc.

Luxurious, agile, and versatile, the Legacy 100 is a statement piece with an air of prestige that will elevate any interior setting and customer experience. With its combination of traditional craftsmanship, modern design, and exceptional comfort, the Legacy 100 barber chair is poised to become a timeless classic in the world of barbering.

For more information about the Legacy 100 barber chairs and other products, visit a nearby Takara Belmont showroom or Shop the Legacy 100 barber chairs online at

About Takara Belmont
Established in 1921, Takara Belmont is recognized as the innovative leader in furniture and equipment for beauty salons, spas, and barbershops. With over a century of craftsmanship experience, the company offers word-class products with unparalleled design, function, and quality. Takara Belmont has distributors in 80 countries, showrooms across the United States, and a team of experts providing comprehensive assistance.

Legendary Barber Meets Our Legend Chair

What happens when a legendary barber meets our Legend chair? We’ve partnered up our luxury, world class motorized barber chair with world renowned platform artist Julius Caesar in this retrospective video series.

Julius Caesar is an elite barber that brings his men’s grooming talents worldwide through his incredible skills, brand, and educational programming. In addition to serving as an innovator in the barbering industry, Julius brings his perspective to life through his merchandise, as well as sharing his talent through All Hail Academy. All Hail Academy has made a home in downtown Los Angeles, but also travels with Julius to various education events and trade shows around the world.

What better product to serve one of the industry’s best than Takara Belmont’s very own Legend Chair? The Legend is a motorized barber chair that allows guests to recline into luxury for services of any length. Barbers are able to cut, shave, and service at peak performance, adjusting clients to ideal positions, and saving them through two preset controls. Sure to last in custom upholstery, The Legend will keep it’s iconic place in your shop for years to come. For more benefits on how the Legend and other Takara Belmont products can transform your business, read up on our article from International Men’s Month. Contact for more information.

Stay tuned for more segments of our Julius Caesar interview, and learn more about his inspiring back story.

Men’s Month – Tips, Tricks, and Trends for your Barbershop

Did you know that June is International Men’s Month? #TeamTakara wants to celebrate with our barber community! Men’s grooming services are on the rise. The collective male mentality has shifted from quick and convenient self care to a more maintained lifestyle. Taking pride in appearances has led to an exciting bespoke barbering boom. But how can barbershop owners capitalize on this growth? Below are some men’s grooming trends to keep an eye on for barbers and clients alike.

Defining the concept: For clients, investing in themselves starts with investing in their barber and self care services. Your guests are more willing to buy into luxury treatments than they have been in the past, but that loyalty is also earned. Provide customers something to connect with by defining your shop branding. The more connected they feel to your business and story, the more likely they will invest. A great example of this is Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers in NYC. With a clear shop vibe and value, Truman’s has elevated the standard of the modern barbershop. Connect with Takara Belmont’s team of design experts to take your shop game to the next level.

Pro Tip: Not sure what tunes to play at your new business? Get started with our men’s grooming playlist on Spotify.

Extended services: With men’s grooming making a valiant return to quality over convenience, barbers are better able to communicate the value of a full men’s grooming experience. Extended shaves, massages, waxing, facials, and other luxury services are being widely recognized for their value. Not only do they give men a more complete, relaxing appointment, but they also improve men’s health and overall well-being. However, extended services mean more time in the chair for clients and a heavier workload for barbers. Be sure to invest in a high-quality chair that creates the best possible circumstances for you and your guest. Takara Belmont’s Legend Chair is ideal for services of any length, sporting an adjustable neck rest, preset options, nearly full reclining capabilities, and smooth shock-absorption technology. This keeps clients comfortable, safe, and stable while providing barbers easy access to guests from any vantage point.

Expand your retail: Once clients have already bought into the experience, barbers can build trust with their clients by showing them how to maintain their look after they leave the shop. Recommending the proper products and having them readily available in store can help keep the relationship going post-cut. When clients use the products or need to refill, you will be the first thing on their mind. Also, by taking a moment to educate them on how to recreate their look, you’ve given them something sustainable that they can incorporate into their daily lives. Barbers can make more money in the process, build relationships with product manufacturers, and open up a new avenue for your customers.

Interested in more information about men’s grooming trends and Takara Belmont products? Contact for more information.

Designed With You in Mind – Majolica Series

Selecting the right cabinets, shampoo bowls, and stations are always tough, but it’s always wise to shop for furniture and equipment with quality built right into them. From top to bottom, inside and out, the Majolica Series is what today’s busy barbers and stylists need. Revealing quality in every feature, the Majolica Cabinets and Bowl surprises technicians and customers alike by wrapping incredible functionality into a sleek, clean exterior. Here are a few of the best Majolica highlights:
  1. Extra-wide bowl and easy access: Complete with a gel headrest, guests can comfortably enjoy lengthier shampoo services and treatments. The neck-rest  allowing stylists to better access the nape and other key comfort areas. Each bowl undergoes rigorous testing to meet the trials of daily use.
  2. Secure drawer with ample space: Stylists and barbers can safely store a hair dryer, 2-3 clippers, and 4 outlets in this compartment, keeping your coveted tools safe and your counter tops clear. All drawers also have soft close action, keeping appointments quieter and avoiding any startling sounds. This is especially important when working with razors and hot tools.
  3. Built-in garbage: Keep it clean with the built-in garbage can offered by the Majolica. Not only does it hide unsightly trash and odor, but its removable insert makes discarding of waste a breeze.
  4. Seamless design: Topped with solid surface counter tops, the Majolica is enveloped in a laminated exterior and black interior with 3D thermofoil technology. This seamless design prevents water from getting trapped in your cabinet’s finishes.

With color and material options for the bowl itself, handles, doors, and surfaces, the Majolica is a great fit for any shop or salon. Enjoy an efficient design, a versatile, classic aesthetic, and Takara Belmont’s signature craftsmanship. Contact your local representative for more information or see it in person at our New York Showroom.

March Events Wrap Up

From trade shows featuring our world class products to networking opportunities with today’s elite platform artists, March was packed with #TeamTakara events. It was a privilege to connect with salon and shop owners, barbers, and stylists from across the country! Being able to be a part of their world and learn about the incredible visions that they have for their growing businesses we are proud to be in the midst of great talent. We’re excited to be a part of making your dreams come true, and propelling you forward as you expand your spaces and services.

West Coast Show Room

Our West Coast show room not only gave away a free Roller Ball F at their open house, but also played host to balayage beauty Brandi Caputo and talented barber Chris Vaughn. They lead informative educational sessions while our guests enjoyed the interactive Q&A, a complimentary lunch, and discovered more about our top of the line equipment.

The Mixer NYC

Back on the east coast, our New York Show Room held our first ever “The Mixer NYC” featuring a star-studded barber line up. JULIUS CVESAR, Matty Conrad, Sofie “Stay Gold” Pok, & more led a night of mingling, food & drinks, barbering demos, and more! Guests also took home Next Level Upgrade Kits, filled with VICTORY brand pomade, Takara Belmont branded spray bottles, vintage barber chair posters, and more.


IBS New York

The industry’s best attended trade show in New York City, IBS, showcased exciting and innovative product lines.  Takara Belmont had a line up of beauty and barber chairs, processors, and dryers, as well as demonstrations featuring our Yume Espoir. Those who volunteered enjoyed a luxurious head spa treatment in the Yume chair, which can expand your service menu and help you attract and retain guests. Matty Conrad joined us as well for pop up hair cutting demonstration featuring our Dainty chair.

Mid-Atlantic Fashion Focus | Our New Design Center

Our new design center featuring some of our best equipment opened just in time for Mid-Atlantic Fashion Focus in National Harbor, Maryland. Our sales representative, Rick Golden, met with many amazing owners, barbers, and beauticians both at our booth and back at our new facility. If you’re in the area, come take a look at our equipment and our new space located at 4200 Forbes Blvd., Ste. 105  Lanham, MD 20706. Give Rick a call at 301.577.0212.

The Mixer NYC


Meet Julius Caesar, Matty Conrad and more

SOMERSET, NJ – The most iconic names in barbering will be featured at Takara Belmont’s New York show room for the first ever “The Mixer NYC.” The event boasts headliners Julius Caesar, Matty Conrad, David Diggs, Rich Mendoza, and Sofie Pok. You can connect with the industry’s elite on March 5th at 7:00 p.m. at 17 W. 56th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019 by purchasing a ticket in the link below.

In addition to mixing with today’s top barber names, guests will also take home a next level upgrade kit, enjoy food and drinks with admission, and even check out a few demos throughout the evening.

“Takara Belmont is always looking to provide barbers and stylists with an unparalleled experience” said Steve Hughes, National Sales Manager of Takara Belmont’s beauty division.” “Usually we do that by providing them with world class equipment, but now we’re partnering with the best talent in barbering to give attendees something as cutting edge as it is valuable.”

Guests will also have the chance to experience Takara Belmont’s incredible spring line up, featuring the Legend barber chair, the 225 barber chair, and so much more.

To purchase, follow the link, here: Contact Kate Hensler at for additional information.


Legend Barber Chair

SOMERSET, NJ – In one of their most innovative product releases yet, Takara Belmont’s Legend Chair is ushering in a new wave of electronic barber chairs.

With a proud Men’s Grooming lineage on display, the Legend stands out at the most iconic chair on the market. While some barbershops cater to the vintage feel, the Legend considers the modern man, thrusting men’s grooming forward into a new direction with its cutting edge technology.

With extensive research and years of product development experience, it’s evident that The Legend has simply thought of everything when it comes to satisfying its customers. Boasting features like custom designed leather, a groundbreaking headrest, and a nearly fully horizontal recline, the Legend chair proves itself as a game-changer for both customers and barbers.

Customers can finally sit in luxury for the length of their appointment – regardless of how long it may be. The Legend’s full-flat leg system keeps their whole body relaxed. With their body pressure more evenly dispersed, they may not even realize their head is leaning against a shampoo bowl to start with.

Barbers and customers alike will enjoy the smooth action of the chair, as it seamlessly switches positions when turning or elevating thanks to its shock absorption technology. They can also take advantage of the add-on service tables, letting customers set their drink down and barbers conveniently rest their tools.

Barbers can also take advantage of the light-up preset options, which save the positioning of their preferred settings at the touch of a button. The auto recline feature allows the chair to return to it’s upright position in a snap as well. These features are accessible on both sides of the chair for convenience, and even light up so that they can be utilized even with a cape hanging over them. Its removable footplate also allows barbers to more easily cater to the handicapped and elderly, who can step into the chair with ease.

“Perhaps the greatest mark of this chair isn’t even on the chair itself.” Steve Hughes, Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager says “Because this chair is so comfortable, smooth, and stable, it actually expands a barber’s service menu. It’s such a revolutionary chair that one of it’s key features isn’t even on the physical chair itself, and that’s an exciting product for us to release.”

The Legend barber chair is available in two types: Standard and Full-flat. The Standard model is approximately 287 lbs. with seated dimensions measuring 36” H x 29” W x 41” D and an inner arm-to-arm width of 19 inches. Similarly, the Full-flat model is approximately 286 lbs. with dimensions measuring 36” H x 29” W x 42” D.

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