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April 2019

Advantages Not To Be “Mist” During Hair Processing

Spa Mist II Yume Head Spa Treatment

They say that true beauty is on the inside, and never is that more true than with hair.  Great looking hair is healthy hair, and that means maintaining its condition from root to tip.  Hair processing has come a long way in this regard, with the industry focusing on hair health alongside beneficial results.

Mist is often mislabeled as steam, but the differences are tremendous when it comes to client health and effective treatments. Steam is essentially the conversion of water at an extremely high temperature, whereas mist is ultrasonically created at a lower temperature. In this blog, we’ll examine the benefits of using mist in hair processing, and why Takara Belmont opts to use it in their products instead of steam.

1) Mist opens up pores with the same capability as steam while doing less damage: In order for treatment to be absorbed into hair, it’s crucial that the follicle is open and receptive. Gently heating the hair is the most effective way to help treatments penetrate the follicle and sustain results. This aspect of heat is why steam and mist are so imperative to the treatment process. However, mist edges out steam as it elects to deliver higher quality results at a lower temperature to avoid unnecessary heat damage.

2) Mist gets the job done: Once the follicle is open, it’s time for the magic to happen! Treatments are then able to penetrate the follicle with ease since it was properly primed. Mist has already created a better environment than steam by doing less damage in step #1. Damaged hair does not receive treatment as well, so this is crucial for repairing and restoring hair to optimal health. A great example of this is Takara Belmont’s YUME Head Spa. Mist allows such control over the process that your clients will notice a healthier scalp and hair in just one session.

3) Cooling mist makes treatments more effective: The temperature control of mist is an undeniable advantage over steam, allowing for a cooling stage of the process (whereas steam does not). By using a cooling mist, the hair follicle seals itself shut, locking in treatments for longer-lasting benefits. Additionally, cooling mist gives a revitalizing sensation to your client’s scalp, enhancing a spa-like experience. Because temperature is declining, hair and scalp health remain intact. Steam lacks temperature control, making results uncertain and is potentially damaging your clients’ hair and scalp.

Overall, mist gives your clients a better value for their dollar and you better customer retention.

More questions? Contact your local representative to learn more about our hair processors and read about the benefits of our Spa Mist II Processor!

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