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July 2019

Better Business Results with Takara Belmont

Takara Belmont knows that world class salon furniture and equipment should do more than assist in services. It should help you transform your business, expand your services menu, and open up retail opportunities. Read below to find out how Takara Belmont’s products will give you the results that you deserve:

The YUME Head Spa

Recently featured on, the YUME Head Spa has been on the rise in spas and salons all over the US – and it’s easy to see why.  The YUME Head Spa provides clients with a spa-like experience, while dramatically improving hair and scalp health. Clients love the service for it’s unparalleled comfort and relaxation, while business owners and technicians love how it differentiates their business from the competition.

Riche Eyelash Collection

Finally! A collection specifically tailored to eyelash services. Technicians and clients deserve to be comfortable throughout lengthy and intricate treatments. The Riche collection is here to provide just that. Developed through extensive research, the Riche provides long-lasting comfort and safety for technicians and their guests alike. Learn more about the first collection developed specifically for eyelash services today.

Interested in learning more about our specialty service furniture and equipment? Contact for more information.

Legendary Barber Meets Our Legend Chair

What happens when a legendary barber meets our Legend chair? We’ve partnered up our luxury, world class motorized barber chair with world renowned platform artist Julius Caesar in this retrospective video series.

Julius Caesar is an elite barber that brings his men’s grooming talents worldwide through his incredible skills, brand, and educational programming. In addition to serving as an innovator in the barbering industry, Julius brings his perspective to life through his merchandise, as well as sharing his talent through All Hail Academy. All Hail Academy has made a home in downtown Los Angeles, but also travels with Julius to various education events and trade shows around the world.

What better product to serve one of the industry’s best than Takara Belmont’s very own Legend Chair? The Legend is a motorized barber chair that allows guests to recline into luxury for services of any length. Barbers are able to cut, shave, and service at peak performance, adjusting clients to ideal positions, and saving them through two preset controls. Sure to last in custom upholstery, The Legend will keep it’s iconic place in your shop for years to come. For more benefits on how the Legend and other Takara Belmont products can transform your business, read up on our article from International Men’s Month. Contact for more information.

Stay tuned for more segments of our Julius Caesar interview, and learn more about his inspiring back story.

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