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April 2018

Designed With You in Mind – Majolica Series

Selecting the right cabinets, shampoo bowls, and stations are always tough, but it’s always wise to shop for furniture and equipment with quality built right into them. From top to bottom, inside and out, the Majolica Series is what today’s busy barbers and stylists need. Revealing quality in every feature, the Majolica Cabinets and Bowl surprises technicians and customers alike by wrapping incredible functionality into a sleek, clean exterior. Here are a few of the best Majolica highlights:
  1. Extra-wide bowl and easy access: Complete with a gel headrest, guests can comfortably enjoy lengthier shampoo services and treatments. The neck-rest  allowing stylists to better access the nape and other key comfort areas. Each bowl undergoes rigorous testing to meet the trials of daily use.
  2. Secure drawer with ample space: Stylists and barbers can safely store a hair dryer, 2-3 clippers, and 4 outlets in this compartment, keeping your coveted tools safe and your counter tops clear. All drawers also have soft close action, keeping appointments quieter and avoiding any startling sounds. This is especially important when working with razors and hot tools.
  3. Built-in garbage: Keep it clean with the built-in garbage can offered by the Majolica. Not only does it hide unsightly trash and odor, but its removable insert makes discarding of waste a breeze.
  4. Seamless design: Topped with solid surface counter tops, the Majolica is enveloped in a laminated exterior and black interior with 3D thermofoil technology. This seamless design prevents water from getting trapped in your cabinet’s finishes.

With color and material options for the bowl itself, handles, doors, and surfaces, the Majolica is a great fit for any shop or salon. Enjoy an efficient design, a versatile, classic aesthetic, and Takara Belmont’s signature craftsmanship. Contact your local representative for more information or see it in person at our New York Showroom.

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