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Rise Into Beauty, Walk Into Life

Living a beautiful life is
to live your own journey.

This belief drives Takara Belmont
to continuously evolve our knowledge and technology
and, with our beauty and health experts, rise to the peak.

We work resolutely
so that everyone is able to
polish the gem that is their individuality.

Allowing each person to shine in their own right,
embrace their own wellness,
and face now and the next day holistically.

Through all life’s moments
we hope that each and every person live their life with grace
and that society can celebrate everyone’s beautiful life.

Chairman Letter

October 5, 2021

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners

TAKARA BELMONT celebrates its 100th anniversary on October 5, 2021. It is because of all the parties involved in the hairdressing and beauty industry, dental and medical industry—including our customers, distributors and business partners in the world—that we can celebrate this milestone. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has used our products and felt in
tune with our spirit of manufacturing, while walking together with us and showing us what improvements are needed.

Our company started its business as a foundry 100 years ago in an industrial area along the Kizu River in Nishinari, Osaka. Ten years later, we changed our main business line from the manufacture of cast parts for daily essentials such as clay charcoal stoves to the manufacture of barber chairs. This bold challenge led to build and strengthen the foundation of our current

While we faced changing times and suffered from many natural disasters, we joined forces with our group companies to expand our business under the motto of “Supporting the beauty and health of people” and have grown into a company that sells its products not only in Japan, but also in more than 120 countries around the world.

Today, the world has changed drastically due to the coronavirus pandemic. While many industries are making a digital shift, not all operations can be handled online in the hairdressing & beauty industry and the dental and medical industry. These are industries where physical contact is the reality of the professional workplace. In this difficult age where there is no one correct answer, we realized anew that our mission is to pursue how we can support the real, touchable workplace. Nothing can replace the warmth that is produced by human touch. We will make every effort to continue to uphold this most important, enduring value and be a partner who creates the future together with professionals in the hairdressing & beauty, dental and medical industries.

As a manufacturing company in an industry that supports people’s lives, we launched a new project to realize a sustainable society. While aiming to achieve zero waste in our business, we will also focus on providing manufacturing education to children and contributing to the community that has helped us grow.

It is a universal value to live and enjoy a beautiful life. We will continue our business and social contribution activities over the next 100 years toward a better tomorrow and the realization of a beautiful life for our customers, partners, and everyone in society.

Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Chairman and CEO of Takara Belmont Corporation

Tap or scan the QR code to watch the special message video.

The Mixer NYC 2019

Takara Belmont USA Hosts its 2nd Annual ‘The Mixer NYC’ Event

Exclusive Access to Network with the Top Talent in Men’s Grooming

NEW YORK, NY – The most iconic names in barbering and men’s grooming will be featured at Takara Belmont’s New York showroom for the second “The Mixer NYC” event. Featuring top talent in the beauty and barber industries, the event boasts headliners Julius Caesar, Matty Conrad, Julian Adler, Carlos Estrella and Mari de Monte. You’ll have a chance to connect with the some of the industry’s most skilled and reputable talent on March 11th at 6:45 P.M. at 17 West 56th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019. After a jam-packed schedule at the IBS New York trade show, you can make more direct connections at this exclusive event.

“It was incredible to see so much talent showcased in a variety of contexts at last year’s Mixer event” said Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager, Steve Hughes. “We’re excited to bring this event back, not only to give our men’s grooming community access to such skilled barbers, but also to connect in a relaxed setting.”

In addition to mixing with top talent, guests will take home a next level upgrade kit, enjoy food & drinks with admission and experience a few live showcases throughout the evening. Each attendee will have an opportunity to take away products from Takara Belmont, Victory Barber & Brand, Mizutani Scissors and BaBylissPRO.

Learn more and purchase your ticket at:

For more information, contact Takara Belmont at or reach your local Takara Belmont showroom at

Take a look at this video from last year’s Mixer:

Fly. Try. Buy. Program

Experience Takara Belmont’s world class salon furniture at a showroom near you. Buying salon equipment is a major commitment. That’s why we’re offering to reimburse some of your travel expenses when you make a purchase from your closest Takara Belmont location.


  • Spend $10,000 or more – Receive up to $300 in ticket reimbursement*

  • Spend $20,000 or more – Receive up to $500 in ticket reimbursement*

Find the showroom nearest you and contact your sales rep to take advantage of
this exclusive offer!

Terms & Conditions

The Fly. Try. Buy. reimbursement program “Promotion” is valid on select Takara Belmont USA, Inc. (“Takara”) equipment and furniture only, purchased between July 1 – December 31, 2018 and shipped by January 31, 2019 to a location within the United States. Minimum purchase amount calculated based on Takara equipment and product purchased only; the calculation excludes sales tax, shipping and handling charges, and any other applicable fees or services. Cannot be combined with any other promotion or offers. May be combined with other sales or discounts.

Purchase $20,000 of Takara Belmont equipment or furniture and receive up to $500 in travel reimbursement. Orders that exceed $10,000 are eligible for up to $300 in reimbursement. Offers may not be combined for $800 in travel reimbursement. Travel reimbursement includes airline or train ticket purchases only within a 100-mile radius of a Takara Belmont showroom or office. Hotels, taxi, and other travel expenses are excluded from the Promotion. Reimbursements are paid in the form of a check.

Original receipts or clearly legible copies of the receipts must be submitted with the purchase order. Proof of ticket purchase submitted after order placement are ineligible for reimbursement. Offer only valid for legal US residents and businesses only. Limit (1) redemption per 6-month period. Only eligible for travel to our New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Maryland, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, and California showrooms and offices.

Unless specified otherwise, all products shown are listed with standard options and features only. All add-ons, upgrades, or accessories are subject to additional charge. All prices and specifications shown are subject to change without prior notice. Printed or electronic Promotion must be presented at the time of purchase. Promotion limit (1) per person. Cannot be applied to previous purchases, online orders, returned merchandise, used equipment and furniture, clearance items or other Takara services. Promotion eligible for only legal residents of the United States of America. Takara equipment must be purchased and shipped to an address within the United States.

Takara is not responsible and will not replace lost or stolen receipts or Promotion materials. Void if altered, copied, transferred, resold, sold through online auction or prohibited by law. If you return a portion of your purchase, the reimbursement amount must be returned. Valid at one of Takara Belmont’s participating showrooms or offices only. Takara Belmont USA, Inc. reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time. Void where prohibited by law. Additional terms and conditions may apply. Contact your local Takara Belmont USA representative to confirm product availability, specifications, pricing and terms.

Designed with you in mind: Spa Mist II

Spa Mist II Yume Head Spa Treatment

Searching for a hair processor isn’t always easy. With so many options, it’s hard to know what to look for and the advantages each product offers. Takara Belmont’s Spa Mist II offers effectiveness, versatility, and convenience in one compact, easy to use tool.



The Spa Mist II is one of the most effective processors on the market because it utilizes mist instead of steam. Mist heats up to a more controlled, less hot temperature, allowing it to open and penetrate the hair follicle without damage. Guests can enjoy a spa-like feel with its warmth, as well as enjoy healthier hair after their treatments. Along with the heated features of the Spa Mist II, treatments can be more effective with the processor’s cooling mist feature. Not only does the Spa Mist II open the hair’s follicle to let treatment in, but the cooling mist seals the follicle shut, locking treatments in for better results.


The Spa Mist II serves many purposes in salons, shops, and spas around the world. It can be used for color treatments, perms, straightening treatments and more, along with many other traditional services. Stylists work with all hair types and find the Spa Mist II particularly useful in helping moisturize hair before treatments with color or styling.

Barber shops are enjoying the Spa Mist II for luxury shave services, helping deliver the closest shave possible. Mist leaves less moisture behind, so barbers are better able to see where they have shaved and where they have not, helping them to avoid retracing their steps or missing spots.

One of the most innovative and recent uses of the Spa Mist II is in correlation with the Yume Head Spa Experience.


The Spa Mist II fits advanced technology into a sleek, efficient design and is available in multiple colors. It fits seamlessly to nearly any setting. This easy-on-the-eyes processor is a mobile unit, allowing to deliver treatments to any work station rather than have clients competing for one chair or space. The Spa Mist II is compatible with a variety of shampoo units, and even hooks in directly to our Yume shampoo unit, seamlessly integrating into pre-existing functionality.


Learn more about the Spa Mist II on its own and in tandem or enjoy it with a free Yume Head Spa experience at Premiere Orlando on June 2-4, 2018, at booth #3567 (subject to availability).

More information on this product is also available throughout our website at

Designed With You in Mind – Majolica Series

Selecting the right cabinets, shampoo bowls, and stations are always tough, but it’s always wise to shop for furniture and equipment with quality built right into them. From top to bottom, inside and out, the Majolica Series is what today’s busy barbers and stylists need. Revealing quality in every feature, the Majolica Cabinets and Bowl surprises technicians and customers alike by wrapping incredible functionality into a sleek, clean exterior. Here are a few of the best Majolica highlights:
  1. Extra-wide bowl and easy access: Complete with a gel headrest, guests can comfortably enjoy lengthier shampoo services and treatments. The neck-rest  allowing stylists to better access the nape and other key comfort areas. Each bowl undergoes rigorous testing to meet the trials of daily use.
  2. Secure drawer with ample space: Stylists and barbers can safely store a hair dryer, 2-3 clippers, and 4 outlets in this compartment, keeping your coveted tools safe and your counter tops clear. All drawers also have soft close action, keeping appointments quieter and avoiding any startling sounds. This is especially important when working with razors and hot tools.
  3. Built-in garbage: Keep it clean with the built-in garbage can offered by the Majolica. Not only does it hide unsightly trash and odor, but its removable insert makes discarding of waste a breeze.
  4. Seamless design: Topped with solid surface counter tops, the Majolica is enveloped in a laminated exterior and black interior with 3D thermofoil technology. This seamless design prevents water from getting trapped in your cabinet’s finishes.

With color and material options for the bowl itself, handles, doors, and surfaces, the Majolica is a great fit for any shop or salon. Enjoy an efficient design, a versatile, classic aesthetic, and Takara Belmont’s signature craftsmanship. Contact your local representative for more information or see it in person at our New York Showroom.

March Events Wrap Up

From trade shows featuring our world class products to networking opportunities with today’s elite platform artists, March was packed with #TeamTakara events. It was a privilege to connect with salon and shop owners, barbers, and stylists from across the country! Being able to be a part of their world and learn about the incredible visions that they have for their growing businesses we are proud to be in the midst of great talent. We’re excited to be a part of making your dreams come true, and propelling you forward as you expand your spaces and services.

West Coast Show Room

Our West Coast show room not only gave away a free Roller Ball F at their open house, but also played host to balayage beauty Brandi Caputo and talented barber Chris Vaughn. They lead informative educational sessions while our guests enjoyed the interactive Q&A, a complimentary lunch, and discovered more about our top of the line equipment.

The Mixer NYC

Back on the east coast, our New York Show Room held our first ever “The Mixer NYC” featuring a star-studded barber line up. JULIUS CVESAR, Matty Conrad, Sofie “Stay Gold” Pok, & more led a night of mingling, food & drinks, barbering demos, and more! Guests also took home Next Level Upgrade Kits, filled with VICTORY brand pomade, Takara Belmont branded spray bottles, vintage barber chair posters, and more.


IBS New York

The industry’s best attended trade show in New York City, IBS, showcased exciting and innovative product lines.  Takara Belmont had a line up of beauty and barber chairs, processors, and dryers, as well as demonstrations featuring our Yume Espoir. Those who volunteered enjoyed a luxurious head spa treatment in the Yume chair, which can expand your service menu and help you attract and retain guests. Matty Conrad joined us as well for pop up hair cutting demonstration featuring our Dainty chair.

Mid-Atlantic Fashion Focus | Our New Design Center

Our new design center featuring some of our best equipment opened just in time for Mid-Atlantic Fashion Focus in National Harbor, Maryland. Our sales representative, Rick Golden, met with many amazing owners, barbers, and beauticians both at our booth and back at our new facility. If you’re in the area, come take a look at our equipment and our new space located at 4200 Forbes Blvd., Ste. 105  Lanham, MD 20706. Give Rick a call at 301.577.0212.

YUME Espoir

SOMERSET, NJ – The meaning behind Takara Belmont’s “YUME” chair loosely translates to “dream,” the YUME Espoir shows us how it earned this title. It’s a dream for customers, stylists, and salon owners everywhere. A truly unparalleled product, the YUME is more than a chair – it’s a spa experience.

Customers can recline fully into luxury, as they lay down with a custom neck rest and contouring pillow to enjoy their treatment. Just as the value of your salon rises with the push of a button, so does the YUME Espoir, raising and lowering with just one-touch technology on its sleek, modern design. The shampoo bowl is positioned perfectly for a seated shampoo style, which creates ease for lengthy treatments and opens up service menus to a whole new set of possibilities.

The Espoir yields optimal comfort for the technician as well, allowing them to sit while performing an array of spa treatments. Paired with an ergonomic, tiltable YUME stool that is designed to relieve stress on the technician’s spine and other high-pressure areas, your technicians will feel more comfortable while performing services. Takara Belmont’s persistent commitment to quality and innovation ensures that this comfort will last—adding a high value investment for business owners.

“Perhaps the most valuable part of the YUME Espoir is the capacity for a YUME Head Spa service, where your customers actually leave feeling healthy and rejuvenated,” said Steve Hughes, National Sales Manager of Takara Belmont, “and with the full benefits of a YUME Head Spa menu, such as extensive hair and scalp treatments, you can give customers a uniquely satisfying spa treatment experience that focuses on the health of your clients.”

Another bragging right of the YUME system is the Spa Mist II, which Takara Belmont’s Beauty Product Designer, Taka Mizunuma, says is the “key ingredient in providing clients with amazing results.”

That’s because the mist heats up to just 40-50 degrees, resulting in minimal hair damage. It also opens the cuticle of the hair, allowing for treatments like conditioning, hair color, and more, to be absorbed more effectively. Customers leave with their hair not just looking healthier, but actually being healthier than when they walked in.

“Each system transforms the way hair and scalp treatments are performed,” said Hughes. “With a focus on health and beauty, the system uses our revolutionary technology to help stylists and technicians improve the shine, luster and vibrancy for their clients.”

The spa shampoo unit model #SH-YMES is approximately 211.65 lbs., and is equipped with a wide shampoo capacity. With overall dimensions of approximately 25.59’’W x 75.71’’D x 36.61’’ H and a seat height of approximately 18.90”, this unit lifts upwards of 8” to elevate your client to an optimal seated shampoo position. Available in white, dark brown, camel and black upholstery selections, the YUME Espoir will be displayed at various trade shows throughout the year.

RICHE Eyelash Chair

SOMERSET, NJ – Eyelash services are one of the hottest subsets of the beauty industry, and this growing market has yet to see a proper chair for these processes. Takara Belmont’s Riche chair is here to finally change that.

While the end product of eyelash services is glamorous, the process behind it is intricate and lengthy. Using standard salon and spa chairs is not only uncomfortable for both clients and practitioners, but can also be dangerous. When administering services to something as delicate as the eye, it’s important to be comfortable not only for luxury’s sake, but safety. Developed with extensive research into the beauty, ophthalmology, and other medical fields, the Riche is designed to create the best experience for both the stylist and customer.

One of the most basic but important advantages of the Riche is that the chair, stool, and wagon are created in sync with each other, giving the stylist a clear sightline for the entire treatment, and the customer the least amount of adjusting. The chair is angled at a five-degree incline, developed out of research indicating that this is the best possible angle for eyelash services. With a contoured head pillow and webbing technology, the customer is made to feel like they’re in a hammock, leading to less squirming, fidgeting, and jerking. Not only is it luxurious, but it also lets stylists more easily administer services on a still customer. Practitioners are also provided with armrests that lock into two positions, sustaining their comfort throughout the procedure.

“Takara Belmont is always committed to designing its products with both the customer and stylist in mind” said National Sales Manager Steve Hughes. “The eyelash services industry is thirsty for something that is made for these specific services, so creating a system that addresses all aspects for both customers and practitioners was a huge focus in our development of the Riche.”

Beyond the chair are a stool and wagon that work to create the most efficient system possible for these services. The stylist stool has a large seat, designed to evenly disperse body pressure, which allows for the stylist to sit for long stretches of time. The wagon can elevate and spin, letting practitioners access their tools without disrupting their services. With such comfort and ease of usability, additional services like eyebrow shaping, make-up, facial treatments, manicure can all be provided in the same chair. The single-acting leg rest allows pedicure and foot care services as well. The Riche proves itself as the ultimate ecosystem for these services.

Learn more about all the Riche series has to offer by contacting your local sales representative.

Legend Barber Chair

SOMERSET, NJ – In one of their most innovative product releases yet, Takara Belmont’s Legend Chair is ushering in a new wave of electronic barber chairs.

With a proud Men’s Grooming lineage on display, the Legend stands out at the most iconic chair on the market. While some barbershops cater to the vintage feel, the Legend considers the modern man, thrusting men’s grooming forward into a new direction with its cutting edge technology.

With extensive research and years of product development experience, it’s evident that The Legend has simply thought of everything when it comes to satisfying its customers. Boasting features like custom designed leather, a groundbreaking headrest, and a nearly fully horizontal recline, the Legend chair proves itself as a game-changer for both customers and barbers.

Customers can finally sit in luxury for the length of their appointment – regardless of how long it may be. The Legend’s full-flat leg system keeps their whole body relaxed. With their body pressure more evenly dispersed, they may not even realize their head is leaning against a shampoo bowl to start with.

Barbers and customers alike will enjoy the smooth action of the chair, as it seamlessly switches positions when turning or elevating thanks to its shock absorption technology. They can also take advantage of the add-on service tables, letting customers set their drink down and barbers conveniently rest their tools.

Barbers can also take advantage of the light-up preset options, which save the positioning of their preferred settings at the touch of a button. The auto recline feature allows the chair to return to it’s upright position in a snap as well. These features are accessible on both sides of the chair for convenience, and even light up so that they can be utilized even with a cape hanging over them. Its removable footplate also allows barbers to more easily cater to the handicapped and elderly, who can step into the chair with ease.

“Perhaps the greatest mark of this chair isn’t even on the chair itself.” Steve Hughes, Takara Belmont’s National Sales Manager says “Because this chair is so comfortable, smooth, and stable, it actually expands a barber’s service menu. It’s such a revolutionary chair that one of it’s key features isn’t even on the physical chair itself, and that’s an exciting product for us to release.”

The Legend barber chair is available in two types: Standard and Full-flat. The Standard model is approximately 287 lbs. with seated dimensions measuring 36” H x 29” W x 41” D and an inner arm-to-arm width of 19 inches. Similarly, the Full-flat model is approximately 286 lbs. with dimensions measuring 36” H x 29” W x 42” D.

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