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Takara Belmont USA Launches YUME HEADBATH

SOMERSET, NJ –TAKARA BELMONT USA, the pioneering force behind the widely acclaimed YUME Head Spa, is delighted to announce the official launch of the YUME Headbath in the United States. After a year of meticulous testing and refinement, following its successful debut in Japan, the YUME Headbath is set to redefine the realm of scalp treatments and usher in a new era of elevated selfcare practices nationwide.

“We are thrilled to witness the viral sensation that the YUME Headbath has created since its introduction in Japan. The overwhelming desire for this transformative product speaks volumes about its impact on self-care rituals and its ability to elevate salon offerings,” says Kendrick Wong, Marketing Manager at Takara Belmont USA, Inc.

This eagerly awaited Yume Head Spa accessory is enriched with features designed to enhance the YUME Head Spa experience, offering clients a sensory journey that goes beyond conventional salon services.

Key features include:

Cleansing, Purifying, and Healing: Delivers a brief yet highly efficient scalp-cleansing experience, removing accumulated dirt and product build-up, as well as removing oxidized sebum while preserving the essential moisture. This process establishes the perfect foundation for fostering healthy hair growth.

Stress Relief: Beyond its physical benefits, the YUME Headbath offers a therapeutic escape, alleviating stress and fostering a transformative shift in clients’ dispositions. The enveloping warmth of the water, coupled with the gentle murmur of a stream, creates a sensory journey that transcends daily stresses. This immersive experience draws clients into a profound state of tranquil serenity.

Effortless Integration for Maximum Impact: Its user-friendly design allows for effortless attachment and detachment while the client is in the treatment position. No additional techniques or training are required, ensuring highly effective results from the very first treatment.

Compatibility: Designed for ease, the YUME Headbath attachment seamlessly integrates with select full lie-flat shampoo units from the YUME Series, including Yume, Yume Espoir, Yume Noble and Yume Suite.

Distinguishing itself from market replicas, the YUME Headbath utilizes fresh water to ensure a superior and hygienic experience. In contrast, imitations in the market often resort to recycled water from the basin, compromising the overall quality of the experience. This exceptional product stands as a testament to Takara Belmont’s steadfast commitment to advancing design, functionality, and technology.

“It is more than a product; it’s a sensation, a sought-after experience that has become a must-have for salons looking to redefine excellence in scalp treatments and provide clients with an indulgent escape into tranquility,” says Karen Gordon, YUME Head Spa Education Lead.

Rooted in a legacy of innovation and excellence, Takara Belmont continually shapes and surpasses industry standards, providing tools that not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of the ever-evolving beauty industry.

For further details about the YUME Headbath and the complete YUME Head Spa Experience, please visit To purchase the YUME Headbath, please contact out to your local Takara Belmont sales representative.

Achieving Work-Life Balance: The Yume Head Spa Revolution

In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving beauty industry, salon owners find themselves navigating a multitude of roles and responsibilities. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, salon owners are embracing a shift away from the traditional “hustle” culture and seeking opportunities for growth that not only enhance their business’s success but also allow them to prioritize their own well-being. Enter YUME Head Spa services— a transformative solution that brings about positive change in both revenue and retail sales while providing a pathway to a more balanced and fulfilling professional life. Say goodbye to the overwhelming hustle and hello to an empowering experience that revitalizes both your business and your personal well-being. Discover the powerful potential of this emerging trend and gain valuable insight as we delve into the captivating success story of Ritsuko Borges from Masa Kanai Salon & Spa.

The Case Study

Ritsuko Borges, a skilled technician at Masa Kanai Salon & Spa in New York City, experienced remarkable success after introducing Yume Head Spa services to her clients. The overwhelming popularity of these services translated into full bookings nearly every day, significantly boosting sales performance and delivering noteworthy improvements in revenue, retail sales, and average customer spending.

Revenue Expansion:

Implementing YUME Head Spa services at Masa Kanai Salon resulted in a notable 23% increase in overall salon revenue.

The YUME Spa System revolutionizes your shampoo area by transforming it into a versatile and customizable space, offering a wide range of service add-ons and flexible appointment options that unlock new income opportunities for your salon. Each session can be personalized to cater to individual needs, attracting new clients and enticing existing ones to indulge in the revitalizing health and wellness benefits. With its exceptional offerings, the YUME Head Spa sets your salon apart from the competition, providing a distinctive and unforgettable experience. The increased demand for appointments, expansion of menu offerings, and elevated customer satisfaction directly contribute to substantial revenue growth.

Average Customer Spend:

Ritsuko observed an impressive 63% increase in average customer spending.

YUME Head Spa creates an unparalleled experience that captivates clients, igniting their curiosity to discover additional salon offerings and indulge in premium hair care products and service. This ultimately leads to a higher average spend per visit, enhancing both the client’s experience and the salon’s revenue.

Retail Sales:

By incorporating YUME Head Spa services, Ritsuko experienced a significant 16% increase in retail sales.

The luxurious and holistic nature of the YUME Head Spa treatment enhances the overall salon experience, promoting a heightened receptiveness among clients to invest in recommended hair care products and a desire to bring a piece of the experience home with them. This boost in retail sales not only contributes to a salon’s revenue growth but also adds value to clients’ post-treatment care routines.

Work-Life Balance:

Ritsuko’s exceptional success with the YUME Head Spa service allowed her to embrace a healthy work-life balance. By optimizing her revenue streams, she was able to reduce her working hours and transition to a fulfilling three-day workweek.

The revenue-generating potential of YUME Head Spa services has the capacity to reduce working hours, allowing for greater focus on self-care, quality time with loved ones, and exploration of new personal and professional opportunities.

In summary, Ritsuko Borge’s success story serves as a powerful testament to the profound impact of integrating YUME head spa services. Her expansion of revenue, elevated average customer spending, and surge in retail sales vividly illustrate the invaluable benefits that YUME Head Spa delivers to salons a­nd their clientele. This exceptional opportunity empowers salon owners to achieve a more harmonious work-life balance, making YUME Head Spa a true catalyst for growth and success.

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*All data represented in the above table are approximations. Actual data may vary in order to maintain client confidentiality.

Takara Belmont Launches Captain II, the Ultimate Styling Chair for Salons and Barbershops


SOMERSET, NJ – Takara Belmont, a leading manufacturer of salon and barbershop equipment, is excited to announce the launch of its latest addition to their extensive line of styling chairs, the Captain II. This new styling chair is designed to offer ultimate comfort, durability, and style to barbershop and salon owners.

“At Takara Belmont, we are committed to delivering the highest quality salon and barbershop equipment to our clients,” said Koji Orita, Executive Vice President at Takara Belmont USA. “The Captain II is the perfect example of this commitment. It not only looks great, but it also offers exceptional functionality and durability.”

Designed with modern salons and barbershops in mind, the Captain II boasts a sleek, angular shape that exudes sophistication and elegance. It is the perfect combination of modern design and functional features. Back cutouts make it easy to move while providing a distinctive look that sets it apart from other styling chairs in the market. The slim arms allow for more space and ease of movement during styling, while the plush seating offers exceptional comfort to clients during longer services.

“We understand that barbershop and salon owners are always looking for ways to enhance the client experience,” said Steve Hughes, National Sales Manager. “The Captain II does just that—with its sleek arms, angular design, and airy cutouts, it’s the perfect chair for any modern salon or barbershop.”

In addition to its stylish design and comfortable features, the styling chair is also built to last. It is constructed with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in a busy salon or barbershop. The Captain II is also easy to clean, keeping it looking like new for years to come.

The Captain II is available in NL5 black upholstery and weighs approximately 20 pounds. Its dimensions are 23” width, 27.9” depth, and 29.3”. The Captain II is the latest addition to Takara Belmont’s legendary lineup of styling chairs. Known for their durability and reliability, Takara Belmont’s chairs are a favorite among stylists and barbers around the world.

For more information about the Captain II styling chair and other products, visit a nearby Takara Belmont showroom or

You can shop the Captain II chair online at

About Takara Belmont
Established in 1921, Takara Belmont is recognized as the innovative leader in furniture and equipment for beauty salons, spas, and barbershops. With over a century of craftsmanship experience, the company offers word-class products with unparalleled design, function, and quality. Takara Belmont has distributors in 80 countries, showrooms across the United States, and a team of experts providing comprehensive assistance.

Rise Into Beauty, Walk Into Life

Living a beautiful life is
to live your own journey.

This belief drives Takara Belmont
to continuously evolve our knowledge and technology
and, with our beauty and health experts, rise to the peak.

We work resolutely
so that everyone is able to
polish the gem that is their individuality.

Allowing each person to shine in their own right,
embrace their own wellness,
and face now and the next day holistically.

Through all life’s moments
we hope that each and every person live their life with grace
and that society can celebrate everyone’s beautiful life.

Chairman Letter

October 5, 2021

Dear Valued Customers and Business Partners

TAKARA BELMONT celebrates its 100th anniversary on October 5, 2021. It is because of all the parties involved in the hairdressing and beauty industry, dental and medical industry—including our customers, distributors and business partners in the world—that we can celebrate this milestone. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who has used our products and felt in
tune with our spirit of manufacturing, while walking together with us and showing us what improvements are needed.

Our company started its business as a foundry 100 years ago in an industrial area along the Kizu River in Nishinari, Osaka. Ten years later, we changed our main business line from the manufacture of cast parts for daily essentials such as clay charcoal stoves to the manufacture of barber chairs. This bold challenge led to build and strengthen the foundation of our current

While we faced changing times and suffered from many natural disasters, we joined forces with our group companies to expand our business under the motto of “Supporting the beauty and health of people” and have grown into a company that sells its products not only in Japan, but also in more than 120 countries around the world.

Today, the world has changed drastically due to the coronavirus pandemic. While many industries are making a digital shift, not all operations can be handled online in the hairdressing & beauty industry and the dental and medical industry. These are industries where physical contact is the reality of the professional workplace. In this difficult age where there is no one correct answer, we realized anew that our mission is to pursue how we can support the real, touchable workplace. Nothing can replace the warmth that is produced by human touch. We will make every effort to continue to uphold this most important, enduring value and be a partner who creates the future together with professionals in the hairdressing & beauty, dental and medical industries.

As a manufacturing company in an industry that supports people’s lives, we launched a new project to realize a sustainable society. While aiming to achieve zero waste in our business, we will also focus on providing manufacturing education to children and contributing to the community that has helped us grow.

It is a universal value to live and enjoy a beautiful life. We will continue our business and social contribution activities over the next 100 years toward a better tomorrow and the realization of a beautiful life for our customers, partners, and everyone in society.

Hidetaka Yoshikawa

Chairman and CEO of Takara Belmont Corporation

Tap or scan the QR code to watch the special message video.

Better Business Results with Takara Belmont

Takara Belmont knows that world class salon furniture and equipment should do more than assist in services. It should help you transform your business, expand your services menu, and open up retail opportunities. Read below to find out how Takara Belmont’s products will give you the results that you deserve:

The YUME Head Spa

Recently featured on, the YUME Head Spa has been on the rise in spas and salons all over the US – and it’s easy to see why.  The YUME Head Spa provides clients with a spa-like experience, while dramatically improving hair and scalp health. Clients love the service for it’s unparalleled comfort and relaxation, while business owners and technicians love how it differentiates their business from the competition.

Riche Eyelash Collection

Finally! A collection specifically tailored to eyelash services. Technicians and clients deserve to be comfortable throughout lengthy and intricate treatments. The Riche collection is here to provide just that. Developed through extensive research, the Riche provides long-lasting comfort and safety for technicians and their guests alike. Learn more about the first collection developed specifically for eyelash services today.

Interested in learning more about our specialty service furniture and equipment? Contact for more information.

March Events Wrap Up

From trade shows featuring our world class products to networking opportunities with today’s elite platform artists, March was packed with #TeamTakara events. It was a privilege to connect with salon and shop owners, barbers, and stylists from across the country! Being able to be a part of their world and learn about the incredible visions that they have for their growing businesses we are proud to be in the midst of great talent. We’re excited to be a part of making your dreams come true, and propelling you forward as you expand your spaces and services.

West Coast Show Room

Our West Coast show room not only gave away a free Roller Ball F at their open house, but also played host to balayage beauty Brandi Caputo and talented barber Chris Vaughn. They lead informative educational sessions while our guests enjoyed the interactive Q&A, a complimentary lunch, and discovered more about our top of the line equipment.

The Mixer NYC

Back on the east coast, our New York Show Room held our first ever “The Mixer NYC” featuring a star-studded barber line up. JULIUS CVESAR, Matty Conrad, Sofie “Stay Gold” Pok, & more led a night of mingling, food & drinks, barbering demos, and more! Guests also took home Next Level Upgrade Kits, filled with VICTORY brand pomade, Takara Belmont branded spray bottles, vintage barber chair posters, and more.


IBS New York

The industry’s best attended trade show in New York City, IBS, showcased exciting and innovative product lines.  Takara Belmont had a line up of beauty and barber chairs, processors, and dryers, as well as demonstrations featuring our Yume Espoir. Those who volunteered enjoyed a luxurious head spa treatment in the Yume chair, which can expand your service menu and help you attract and retain guests. Matty Conrad joined us as well for pop up hair cutting demonstration featuring our Dainty chair.

Mid-Atlantic Fashion Focus | Our New Design Center

Our new design center featuring some of our best equipment opened just in time for Mid-Atlantic Fashion Focus in National Harbor, Maryland. Our sales representative, Rick Golden, met with many amazing owners, barbers, and beauticians both at our booth and back at our new facility. If you’re in the area, come take a look at our equipment and our new space located at 4200 Forbes Blvd., Ste. 105  Lanham, MD 20706. Give Rick a call at 301.577.0212.

The Mixer NYC


Meet Julius Caesar, Matty Conrad and more

SOMERSET, NJ – The most iconic names in barbering will be featured at Takara Belmont’s New York show room for the first ever “The Mixer NYC.” The event boasts headliners Julius Caesar, Matty Conrad, David Diggs, Rich Mendoza, and Sofie Pok. You can connect with the industry’s elite on March 5th at 7:00 p.m. at 17 W. 56th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019 by purchasing a ticket in the link below.

In addition to mixing with today’s top barber names, guests will also take home a next level upgrade kit, enjoy food and drinks with admission, and even check out a few demos throughout the evening.

“Takara Belmont is always looking to provide barbers and stylists with an unparalleled experience” said Steve Hughes, National Sales Manager of Takara Belmont’s beauty division.” “Usually we do that by providing them with world class equipment, but now we’re partnering with the best talent in barbering to give attendees something as cutting edge as it is valuable.”

Guests will also have the chance to experience Takara Belmont’s incredible spring line up, featuring the Legend barber chair, the 225 barber chair, and so much more.

To purchase, follow the link, here: Contact Kate Hensler at for additional information.


Odin Shampoo Unit

SOMERSET, NJ – Takara Belmont released the new Odin backwash unit, which offers new or current salon owners a value-focused equipment solution that brings the comforts of a tilting shampoo bowl, contoured seat cushions, and wide seating space to clients.

“Based on customer feedback, we aimed to tackle a challenge to create a value line that is robust, comfortable and stylish,” said Daisuke Nakamura, Product Manager of Takara Belmont USA, Inc. “the result is a series that features a new shampoo unit paired with an existing and proven styling chair that checks all of those boxes.”

With up to four inches of high-density foam, the backwash seat has a striking balance of plush comfort and solid support. The ergonomic design of the unit incorporates a curved backrest style and a shallow seat depression of 2.5 degrees to gently support and cradle the customer. The backwash also provides a wide 19.7” arm-to-arm width and a 20 degree tilting white bowl to comfortably accommodate a large range of clients.

Available in Grade I & II vinyl or in standard black upholstery with a black body and a white bowl, the Odin backwash unit weighs approximately 88 lbs. with a front-to-back space requirement of at least 102.4” for optimal installation. The backwash dimensions stand in at a space-conscious 23.7” width, 49.6” depth and a variable height range of 36.2-38.6” due to the tilting bowl.

The Odin Backwash Unit can be seen at a local Takara Belmont showroom. For additional information about the Odin Backwash Unit or Styling Chair, please contact your local sales representative.

Americana Series

SOMERSET, NJ – Takara Belmont announced the release of the Americana Series, a seating lineup that features three unique chair designs each complete with styling, reception, all-purpose, dryer, and backwash variations.

“We set out with a simple goal to develop a line of seating equipment to fit all areas of a salon or spa,” said Steve Hughes, National Sales Manager of Takara Belmont USA. “The result is an impressive suite of versatile, comfortable and stylish chairs that perform as well as they look.”

The Americana Series styling chairs were created from a concept of urban sophistication and comfort that is natural, wide and open. All of the chairs in the series – the Virtus, Bellus, and Novo – provide ample seating room for clients to relax and enjoy a service experience.

“Breadth of styles brings a wider, more functional offering,” said Michelle Koster, National Sales Coordinator of Takara Belmont USA. “The series allows designers to coordinate the design of multiple service areas for an elegant and sophisticated decor.”

With a distinguished square style, chic color combinations, and a stately presence, the Virtus styling chair is an ideal match for male grooming salons and unisex salons alike. It features an ultra-comfortable seat structure, ergonomically refined design, and a 21.5” arm-to-arm seat width for maximum service comfort. The solidly built styling chair is available in two-tone or monotone color variations to accommodate a wider range of design concepts.

The Bellus styling chair brings an air of refinement to salons or spas through a seating solution that truly shines. Gentle contours, a plush seat, and a sweetheart design add an opulent look and feel to each chair. It features a 21.5” arm-to-arm seat width, ultra-plush cushions, and monotone color selections. Clients will appreciate the stunning style and exceptional comfort of the Bellus chair as they enjoy a relaxing, bliss-filled service experience.

Novo chairs carry a modern appeal with a sophisticated and exquisite sense of style. Vivacious curves and an expansive 22.0” seating width cradle clients in comfort, while luxurious foam padding and a lavish balance of graduated support enhances a service experience. The open-concept deign adds a light and airy look, and it also makes cleanups between services a breeze.

Available in Grade I & II vinyl or in standard black upholstery, the Americana Series styling chairs include a standard B1A round style base, 217 U-shaped footrest, and plastic chair cover. Optional footrest upgrades are available such as the 317 or G90 footrest selections. Customers may also choose from a complete list of compatible hydraulic or electric base upgrades for an enhanced styling experience. Americana backwash units will be available by the end of Spring 2016.

The Americana Series can be seen at Premiere Orlando on June 4-6, 2016. Please visit or contact your local Takara Belmont representative for additional information about the Virtus, Bellus or Novo styling chairs.

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