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June 2019

Men’s Month – Tips, Tricks, and Trends for your Barbershop

Did you know that June is International Men’s Month? #TeamTakara wants to celebrate with our barber community! Men’s grooming services are on the rise. The collective male mentality has shifted from quick and convenient self care to a more maintained lifestyle. Taking pride in appearances has led to an exciting bespoke barbering boom. But how can barbershop owners capitalize on this growth? Below are some men’s grooming trends to keep an eye on for barbers and clients alike.

Defining the concept: For clients, investing in themselves starts with investing in their barber and self care services. Your guests are more willing to buy into luxury treatments than they have been in the past, but that loyalty is also earned. Provide customers something to connect with by defining your shop branding. The more connected they feel to your business and story, the more likely they will invest. A great example of this is Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers in NYC. With a clear shop vibe and value, Truman’s has elevated the standard of the modern barbershop. Connect with Takara Belmont’s team of design experts to take your shop game to the next level.

Pro Tip: Not sure what tunes to play at your new business? Get started with our men’s grooming playlist on Spotify.

Extended services: With men’s grooming making a valiant return to quality over convenience, barbers are better able to communicate the value of a full men’s grooming experience. Extended shaves, massages, waxing, facials, and other luxury services are being widely recognized for their value. Not only do they give men a more complete, relaxing appointment, but they also improve men’s health and overall well-being. However, extended services mean more time in the chair for clients and a heavier workload for barbers. Be sure to invest in a high-quality chair that creates the best possible circumstances for you and your guest. Takara Belmont’s Legend Chair is ideal for services of any length, sporting an adjustable neck rest, preset options, nearly full reclining capabilities, and smooth shock-absorption technology. This keeps clients comfortable, safe, and stable while providing barbers easy access to guests from any vantage point.

Expand your retail: Once clients have already bought into the experience, barbers can build trust with their clients by showing them how to maintain their look after they leave the shop. Recommending the proper products and having them readily available in store can help keep the relationship going post-cut. When clients use the products or need to refill, you will be the first thing on their mind. Also, by taking a moment to educate them on how to recreate their look, you’ve given them something sustainable that they can incorporate into their daily lives. Barbers can make more money in the process, build relationships with product manufacturers, and open up a new avenue for your customers.

Interested in more information about men’s grooming trends and Takara Belmont products? Contact for more information.

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