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New YUME Head Spa Education Program for Scalp & Hair Services

CHICAGO, IL – Takara Belmont USA launches an innovative education initiative for hair and scalp care treatments and services, led by industry expert Karen Gordon. The YUME Head Spa Education Program aims to empower salon owners and beauty professionals by providing them with a comprehensive range of courses, workshops, and seminars to expand their skillset and expertise.

Karen Gordon, YUME Head Spa Education Lead, says, “Having had the privilege of experiencing this exceptional service firsthand in Japan, I recognized the pressing need to introduce this service to the US market to meet the rapidly growing demand for hair and scalp care treatment.”

Following the successful completion of a rigorous training and education program by a master head spa educator in Japan, Ms. Gordon is currently spearheading the development of a structured learning program and building a network of educators across the country. Participants can expect to receive training on proper consultation techniques relevant to scalp and hair care and learn how to tailor their service offerings to their specific location and competitive setting.

“We are thrilled to have Karen onboard to lead the charge with such a transformative education program,” said Koji Orita, Executive Vice President at Takara Belmont USA. “Karen’s trichology expertise, industry insights, and extensive knowledge of our YUME Head Spa services, provide the ideal blend of elements to establish a truly world-class education program.”

The YUME Head Spa Education Program marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to expand its offerings and provide value to its customers. With the program’s launch, beauty professionals will have the opportunity to hone their expertise and augment their service menus.

“Today, clients are deeply devoted to mental and physical wellness,” commented Ms. Gordon. “Through a hands-on education program, we have an opportunity to help stylists and cosmetologists embrace this shift in mindset and stay at the forefront of the industry with an exceptional service experience.”

The highly anticipated education program will debut with a fully booked seminar on May 21st, hosted at the Takara Belmont Showroom in New York, with additional opportunities for hands-on training at other showrooms. Registration will be announced on the company website.

For more information about Takara Belmont USA and the YUME Head Spa education program, visit

Designed with you in mind: Spa Mist II

Spa Mist II Yume Head Spa Treatment

Searching for a hair processor isn’t always easy. With so many options, it’s hard to know what to look for and the advantages each product offers. Takara Belmont’s Spa Mist II offers effectiveness, versatility, and convenience in one compact, easy to use tool.



The Spa Mist II is one of the most effective processors on the market because it utilizes mist instead of steam. Mist heats up to a more controlled, less hot temperature, allowing it to open and penetrate the hair follicle without damage. Guests can enjoy a spa-like feel with its warmth, as well as enjoy healthier hair after their treatments. Along with the heated features of the Spa Mist II, treatments can be more effective with the processor’s cooling mist feature. Not only does the Spa Mist II open the hair’s follicle to let treatment in, but the cooling mist seals the follicle shut, locking treatments in for better results.


The Spa Mist II serves many purposes in salons, shops, and spas around the world. It can be used for color treatments, perms, straightening treatments and more, along with many other traditional services. Stylists work with all hair types and find the Spa Mist II particularly useful in helping moisturize hair before treatments with color or styling.

Barber shops are enjoying the Spa Mist II for luxury shave services, helping deliver the closest shave possible. Mist leaves less moisture behind, so barbers are better able to see where they have shaved and where they have not, helping them to avoid retracing their steps or missing spots.

One of the most innovative and recent uses of the Spa Mist II is in correlation with the Yume Head Spa Experience.


The Spa Mist II fits advanced technology into a sleek, efficient design and is available in multiple colors. It fits seamlessly to nearly any setting. This easy-on-the-eyes processor is a mobile unit, allowing to deliver treatments to any work station rather than have clients competing for one chair or space. The Spa Mist II is compatible with a variety of shampoo units, and even hooks in directly to our Yume shampoo unit, seamlessly integrating into pre-existing functionality.


Learn more about the Spa Mist II on its own and in tandem or enjoy it with a free Yume Head Spa experience at Premiere Orlando on June 2-4, 2018, at booth #3567 (subject to availability).

More information on this product is also available throughout our website at

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