6 Salon – Lake Orion, MI

6 Salon, Lake Orion, MI –Grey slate floors greet customers at the entrance and guide them to an open and modern salon with 2 rows of styling stations. The original cement floor and prominent decorative columns exude an industrial Detroit aesthetic. The bright white ceiling and rows of recessed lighting, illuminate the room, spotlighting 18 stainless-steel hanging stations. 6 Luxis backwash stations sit at the back of the salon, with 3 Rollerball F wall mounts suspend over a row of Ghia chairs forming a processing bar. Illuminated floor to ceiling retail shelves and a spacious reception area complete the rest of the space for a minimalist, modern Detroit vibe.


Fringe Hair Salon

Materials, textures, and patterns oh my! From a wood herringbone focal wall to marble countertops and shimmery dragonfly wallpaper, this salon is dressed for success. ­A color processing bar with wall-mounted Roller Ball F processors maximize the space and workflow. The open layout promotes a free-flowing atmosphere while large black windows and styling stations provide striking focal points. This design is soft and elegant yet bold and confident and full of character.

Mildred New York

Mildred New York is welcoming, open, airy and bright. White encases the shop from the ceiling to the floor, emitting a neutral and tranquil sensation while texture from the painted brick walls and the penny round tile floor adds layers of warmth and coziness. The bold globe lights and pebble gray Elegance 225 chairs pull the space together inspiring a retro-modern tone. Whether you’re a new client, or a long-term customer, walking into Mildred’s shop will you feel at home.

SAGE / on Seventeenth

Luxury meets casual Californian vibes, best describes Sage/ on Seventeenth, a hair salon settled in the heart of Newport Mesa, just a couple miles from the ocean. This stylish salon prides itself on creating the ultimate experience for their customers. Every detail upholds the ultimate luxury standard from world-class hair care products to cushy RS Luxis shampoo units and advanced infrared hair processors. Bold black accents, lush green plants, rustic wood furniture and chic light fixtures merge to create a relaxing opulent experience.

Electric Barbering

Electric Barbering is a two-chair shop with a pair of red vintage Elegance 225 chairs, complete with ashtrays in the arms. The shop, established in an old courthouse building, is located in a historic Arizona town with proximity to the Grand Canyon and Route 66. The space is classic and understated with a handful of western and motorcycle themed décor pieces on display. The atmosphere is charming and timeless with a bit of an edginess. Electric Barbering is more than a barbershop, it’s a destination.


Sunkissed Salon

Sunkissed Salon, featuring dark hardwood floors, tall brick walls and white subway tile is a small slice of the big apple in sunny California. Whether a customer is taking a selfie of their new ‘do on the tan leather couch in the reception area or helping themselves to coffee and a snack in the kitchenette, this salon will make any guest feel right at home. Combining warm and cool wood tones with midcentury furniture and industrial accents gives this salon its own unique personality.

Salt Lake Proper Barber

Proper has an “effortlessly cool” atmosphere with noble wood, stylishly decorated brick, subdued lighting, and brass accents inspired by the aesthetics of a speakeasy. Our elegant 225 barber chair and the liberty shampoo unit fit seamlessly into their distinguished space. Whether a guest is sipping on a glass of complimentary whiskey or a glass of ice-cold water, they are in for a luxurious experience.

Flynn’s Barbershop

Flynn’s barbershop emits a simple retro ambiance from their classic hand painted signs to the traditional marvy pole proudly perched at the front entryway. This family-owned shop located in a bustling NJ town, keeps it simple, focusing on what they do best with equipment that helps them perform their best. Their old-school powder blue Elegant 225 chairs with a matching 1960s midcentury shampoo chair unifies the space creating an authentic, welcoming atmosphere.


12 Pell

With employees who aim to redefine and reinvent the standard grooming experience, 12 Pell offers much more than a typical haircut, but an all-inclusive experience. Their unique approach to a barbershop, combines barber services with retail. Their modest NYC space makes a big impact with a modern and bright design. The front of the store is stocked with urban style clothing and shoes while the back of the shop features three 225 chairs ready for service. Sharp clean lines and bright lighting give the shop a modern-day feel while warm wood and penny tile floors pull in a retro vibe.