Unison Men’s Salon

Envisioned as a space for well-being and created from the love for connection and admiration of rich design around the world, Unison was made to bring a whole new culture to men’s grooming. With a holistic approach to styling hair, Unison is a space where craftsmanship, quality, service, and well-being are held at the highest standards.

Their space is meant to connect their guests to a place of serenity, from the earthy aromas in the air to the warmth they bring to each and every person that walks in their door.

Unison was built by people who have a passion for building something meaningful for people to enjoy. A space where every step of the process is thoughtful and has purpose.

Shaving District

Shaving District is the end result of a curated space for individuals looking to feel their best while relaxing and enjoying top notch service in a top notch atmosphere.
The founder, a well traveled entrepreneur, after many years in top executive positions in luxury and service oriented companies, developed a taste for exquisite art, pampering services and low key fun experiences. After looking for different business opportunities, he took it upon himself to create the ideal place for getting treated, a man’s cave with good taste, enjoyable ambiance and life changing customer service, always aiming to set the highest standards in the ever growing men’s self care market niche.  The Legend chair takes daily services to the next level from its enhanced vertical-lift pump and synchronous recline system to an ergonomically engineered seat and elegant upholstery piping while the 225 Diamond Stitch barber chairs add traditional elegance with a contemporary twist integrating seamlessly into this whimsical space.

The Sporting Life

The Sporting Life is a neighborhood spot where locals can grab a coffee, talk sports, and receive a haircut in our beautiful 225 chairs. The Sporting Life is a refuge from the grind, a place to relax and recharge. With a focus on quality products and an unwavering commitment to customer service, clients leave looking and feeling their best.

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6 Salon – Lake Orion, MI

6 Salon, Lake Orion, MI –Grey slate floors greet customers at the entrance and guide them to an open and modern salon with 2 rows of styling stations. The original cement floor and prominent decorative columns exude an industrial Detroit aesthetic. The bright white ceiling and rows of recessed lighting, illuminate the room, spotlighting 18 stainless-steel hanging stations. 6 Luxis backwash stations sit at the back of the salon, with 3 Rollerball F wall mounts suspend over a row of Ghia chairs forming a processing bar. Illuminated floor to ceiling retail shelves and a spacious reception area complete the rest of the space for a minimalist, modern Detroit vibe.


Fringe Hair Salon

Materials, textures, and patterns oh my! From a wood herringbone focal wall to marble countertops and shimmery dragonfly wallpaper, this salon is dressed for success. ­A color processing bar with wall-mounted Roller Ball F processors maximize the space and workflow. The open layout promotes a free-flowing atmosphere while large black windows and styling stations provide striking focal points. This design is soft and elegant yet bold and confident and full of character.

SAGE / on Seventeenth

Luxury meets casual Californian vibes, best describes Sage/ on Seventeenth, a hair salon settled in the heart of Newport Mesa, just a couple miles from the ocean. This stylish salon prides itself on creating the ultimate experience for their customers. Every detail upholds the ultimate luxury standard from world-class hair care products to cushy RS Luxis shampoo units and advanced infrared hair processors. Bold black accents, lush green plants, rustic wood furniture and chic light fixtures merge to create a relaxing opulent experience.

Electric Barbering

Electric Barbering is a two-chair shop with a pair of red vintage Elegance 225 chairs, complete with ashtrays in the arms. The shop, established in an old courthouse building, is located in a historic Arizona town with proximity to the Grand Canyon and Route 66. The space is classic and understated with a handful of western and motorcycle themed décor pieces on display. The atmosphere is charming and timeless with a bit of an edginess. Electric Barbering is more than a barbershop, it’s a destination.