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Takara Belmont USA Launches YUME HEADBATH

SOMERSET, NJ –TAKARA BELMONT USA, the pioneering force behind the widely acclaimed YUME Head Spa, is delighted to announce the official launch of the YUME Headbath in the United States. After a year of meticulous testing and refinement, following its successful debut in Japan, the YUME Headbath is set to redefine the realm of scalp treatments and usher in a new era of elevated selfcare practices nationwide.

“We are thrilled to witness the viral sensation that the YUME Headbath has created since its introduction in Japan. The overwhelming desire for this transformative product speaks volumes about its impact on self-care rituals and its ability to elevate salon offerings,” says Kendrick Wong, Marketing Manager at Takara Belmont USA, Inc.

This eagerly awaited Yume Head Spa accessory is enriched with features designed to enhance the YUME Head Spa experience, offering clients a sensory journey that goes beyond conventional salon services.

Key features include:

Cleansing, Purifying, and Healing: Delivers a brief yet highly efficient scalp-cleansing experience, removing accumulated dirt and product build-up, as well as removing oxidized sebum while preserving the essential moisture. This process establishes the perfect foundation for fostering healthy hair growth.

Stress Relief: Beyond its physical benefits, the YUME Headbath offers a therapeutic escape, alleviating stress and fostering a transformative shift in clients’ dispositions. The enveloping warmth of the water, coupled with the gentle murmur of a stream, creates a sensory journey that transcends daily stresses. This immersive experience draws clients into a profound state of tranquil serenity.

Effortless Integration for Maximum Impact: Its user-friendly design allows for effortless attachment and detachment while the client is in the treatment position. No additional techniques or training are required, ensuring highly effective results from the very first treatment.

Compatibility: Designed for ease, the YUME Headbath attachment seamlessly integrates with select full lie-flat shampoo units from the YUME Series, including Yume, Yume Espoir, Yume Noble and Yume Suite.

Distinguishing itself from market replicas, the YUME Headbath utilizes fresh water to ensure a superior and hygienic experience. In contrast, imitations in the market often resort to recycled water from the basin, compromising the overall quality of the experience. This exceptional product stands as a testament to Takara Belmont’s steadfast commitment to advancing design, functionality, and technology.

“It is more than a product; it’s a sensation, a sought-after experience that has become a must-have for salons looking to redefine excellence in scalp treatments and provide clients with an indulgent escape into tranquility,” says Karen Gordon, YUME Head Spa Education Lead.

Rooted in a legacy of innovation and excellence, Takara Belmont continually shapes and surpasses industry standards, providing tools that not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of the ever-evolving beauty industry.

For further details about the YUME Headbath and the complete YUME Head Spa Experience, please visit To purchase the YUME Headbath, please contact out to your local Takara Belmont sales representative.

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